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Talking Points Memo has an interesting Must Read segment today. Check it out. This is a picture of the guy that we have been following recently, the man who gave Arnold the green cape and let him run with it.

So, we at the American Green have been watching some the Wire again, getting excited for season 5 of the best show on TV. And there’s this scene, during season three, where Tommy the plucky young councilman (who has his eyes set on the mayors chair) goes to the mayor to talk about the rash of state witnesses that are being offed while under police protection. They mayor says that he’s on it! That hes going to make some changes ’round here. And that he is glad that Tommy didn’t do anything him self, bringing it to his attention first. And Tommy goes away believing good things have happened.

Well, it turns out that the Mayor isn’t actually going to change a single thing. He doesn’t have the money. Blah Blah. But the point that we are trying to make here is that the EPA really seems to be mirroring this thing straight up. They are saying that California should chill out, cause the EPA knows there is a problem. They are saying that, don’t worry, we are all over this, and soon your going to be seeing big movement on this issue. But at the end of the day, they just keep giving these vague smoke-screen statements on the environment being important. We know that politics is a big game of media manipulation, so we call for a young Tommy in the administration to get fed up and go to the press. Call them out for their complete lack of action. It really feels like the Bush administration is going to keep on pretending that if they don’t look, then there wont be anything there. Out of sight and out of mind might actually work on this one, because they are out of here in less then a year. But at some point, why in gods name does California have to wait a year?? As Snoop would say: Shit, or get the fuck out da way.

This is a Picture of Snoop, from the Wire. So bad ass, we don’t even need to have a reason to add her in here. But maybe we could send her after Mr. Johnson… hmmm…

Funny Pictures

Once again proving that The Daily Show is the best show on TV… Especially when their writers are compelled, due to green card status, to violate the Writers Strike.

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.455633&w=425&h=350&fv=videoId%3D147327] from posted with vodpod

It’s like all the good things in our ideas about green, wrapped up in a nice little package and narrated by the funniest man in America. Makes you feel a tad insignificant at times…

As a follow up to a previous post, it looks like California is going to be fighting the little ol EPA in court.  Not a lot of value we have to add here, but we continue to hold a very special place in our heart hear at Living the American Green for the Arnold Versus Bush showdown.  If this isn’t already an animated short somewhere out there in the internet, we think that the internet has failed.

But seriously, we love it when people like Arnold step up and take a less then traditional track on being green.  How often do you see someone go out of their way to legislate against themselves?  The Govinator has a fleet — A FLEET –  of hummers, and he is trying to pass legislation to target himself and people like him.  Sure, it smacks a little bizarre, and we don’t imagine he will actually give up his wheels, but every time an unexpected voice raises up along side the traditional green movement (or, every time a non traditional voice from inside the green pointing out internally “inconvenient truths”) it makes us happy.  Shake up the conversation!  Switch Sides!  And maybe, if you have a few minutes, Sue the EPA!