The original conception of Living the American Green, like much of the great art in America, grew out of the frustration and disillusionment of sitting all day at a desk answering phones.  Like any good idea, it’s reach is far outside the humble structure of the website you are currently visiting: yes, we have a website, but the greater dream goes far beyond these daily pieces of Snark.  Our eventual goal is to produce a state of the art feature length documentary, the treatment for which we have produced below.  So, please, if you are a movie executive with a budget (haha) in this hard time, drop us a line at theamericangreen at gmail dot com.  And if you are the kind of person to steal this set of ideas and somehow create the concept yourself, please drop us a line at Ctl-Alt-delete.  Just go ahead and push all those at once.  No big deal.

(Note: This brainstorm is from middle of 2008: it might not fully take into effect the most modern realities of a post-apocalyptic Wall Street.)

Is the American Dream sustainable?

The stereotypical two-car, 1.7 child, Suburban American dream has not yet been shown to be compatible with a low-carbon footprint lifestyle. As celebrities and politicians tout the benefits and the style of sustainability, it is becoming clear that simply looking green isn’t going to cut it.  To date, the emphasis has been placed on spending: expensive green fixes are the band-aid for Liberal Guilt.  But for those of us without Al Gore sized pockets for home improvement, we need to reconcile spending with the arduous task of changing daily habits.  In ‘Living the American Green,’ [‘LtAG’] we aim to discover how far the average suburban lifestyle can be greened without bankrupting the wallet or sacrificing a way of life.
By harnessing the power of documentary science and sketch humor, we will explore the process of ‘greening’ a prototypical American home.    Our character hosts, each representing a different aspect of the environmental ethos, will work through the renovations and improvements a house needs to become sustainable. They aren’t experts; our characters know only what popular media has told them about going green, and they are addicted to the same creature comforts as many Americans.  Through humor, we will challenge the conceit of expert-driven home improvement shows and unpack the realities of what our viewers might (actually) hope to achieve in greening their lives.  We will conduct expert interviews and real scientific research, but with tongue inserted firmly in cheek.
While we feel that the established green audience will watch LTAG, its strength lies in a realistic approach that emphasizes a “normal” American life.  We won’t advance a political agenda in the filming of LTAG.  We will, instead, show the ways in which the green movement does, and does not, mesh with the American Dream.

Traveling even further back the timeline, we arrive in early 2007: Living The American Green Video Company, in association with Crying Indian productions, is proud to present the short* list of videos we’ve made thus far.

The Trailer:

*technically, one is not a list. Please bear with us through these short technical difficulties.

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