Turn Environmentalism over to these guys?    ....    Ok fine.

Turn Environmentalism over to these guys? .... Ok fine.

Due to rules and regulations ’bout where I am allowed to post/cross post what I write for the blog Red Green and Blue, I’m not gonna copy/paste my whole day of craziness from the Wall Street Green Trading Summit.  Instead, I’m going to quasi-break the rules here, and just link:

Live Blog 1  Intro and the Waxman Bill

Live Blog 2 Carbon Offset Trading

Clearly, I’m a little over my head when it comes to big marketplace ideas like these, but I think I learned like a sponge today.   At least, I hope so.  And I hope that it wasn’t, like, some dirt old floor sponge either.  Ewww.

Anyway, I still think capitalism ruins everything… but I am coming around to being pretty sure that the only way things are going to work on a corporate level is to harness the money.  Today, I really came to realize how much the big money markets are sitting around and WAITING for Washington D.C. to set the rules on carbon capping and electricity recs so that they can get to work making money hand over fist.

Goal: 1 more RGB post this evening, and at least two tomorrow, so I’ll update as we go.