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The Living the American Green foundation all have one thing in common (besides being interested in green type things).  We are all products of the often delightful and sometimes frustrating Swarthmore College, and it is to this storied institution that we now turn:  zoomedin

Two of our fellow Swarthmorians have built a Hydrogen powered motorcycle.  How sweet is that?  This is not, traditionally, what Swatties are very good at: building real life applicable hands on things.  Most of us work pretty far into the realm of the theoretical, often so far as to be massively impractical.  Of course, since its hydrogen, the conclusion was that the Bike might not be all that “practical” in the short term its self, what with the price of hydrogen fuel cells and their relative availability being what it is.  We don’t have a lot to ad to this, except to offer our congratulations to Andres and Alex, but we couldn’t help but notice the VERY Swarthmorian tag line at the end of the article:

Pacheco and Bell are currently applying to graduate school engineering programs, but readers are welcome to contact the pair with employment offers.

Under the Bush administration, the EPA took on a strange, almost perverse relationship with the Environment it allegedly was supposed to protect.  One of the best parts: the insistence that States could not regulate auto emission standards because that would somehow muck up the greater Federal level standards that were going to to be coming down the pike any day now.  Bush is no longer in office:

And THAT is an exciting ten minutes of video.


Concept: XKCD.com: Read it, Bitches

Again, we know you guys never watch the stuff that we work so feverishly to track down and embed for you, but the significance of this speech is not to be missed.  Obama has come out swinging on the issue that most excited us about him: common sense.  He has a memory longer then the traditional straw poll, and he realizes that gas prices can not be the only thing that sets emission standards and car/truck regulations.  The political moment is not as white hot as it was this summer (remember Drill Baby Drill?  well… we didn’t.  We just decided that a sweeping recession would be the better fix for pump-shock), but he has figured out how to spend less political capitol on the issue: let states handle it, and just get out of the way!  Then, once the new highs for emissions have been set, a Federal baseline law will seem less absurd.

And, we still haven’t gotten tired of that little “My administration will listen to Science” dig at Bush.

We were fired up at the beginning of the day.  We had a really cool conversation (info to come tomorrow) about the Green Collar Economy.  But then, we found some bad pretty bad news when scrolling through the times.

One of the things that we find the most confusing during this economic crisis is the bizarre drop in the cost of crude oil (and, theoretically, the drop on corresponding gasoline and power costs).  It seems like the very real fear of economic disaster has people predicting much lower power use… and thus the gas prices are on the way down.

This fact, combined with the (oft noted) conception of green energy as secondary and essentially a luxury, and the tightening of available dollars for any sort of investment options, is already causing (according to this, from the NYTimes) a huge slow down for the big picture green energy movement.

Not cool folks.  Not cool.  We can’t be going back to the 1980’s here.  We hate to be the people who hate on the lower gas prices… we mean, we get that others were suffering.  But to date, no one this country seems able to limit themselves when it comes to energy consumption, so we were down with our wallets doing it for us.

We don’t really want to get our selves in a knot rooting against the economy.  We don’t want to play into too many stereotypes here, let ourselves get carried away with being un-American and all that.  Plus, we do like creature comforts, and are thrilled that we can afford to heat our house this winter.  But, here we are, sitting at the key-bored trying to figure out a path to environmental freedom that doesn’t involve America suffering until we figure it out… and we, frankly, don’t see one.  Asking nicely sure as shootin’ don’t seem to get no traction.  So, what the heck does this economic down turn/drop in oil prices mean for the future?  What path do you, dear readers, see?

We think we have something of an answer comming soon… but we aren’t sure, after today’s news, if it will be enough.