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You, dear reader, already know why we need a price on carbon. You know that burning fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, raising the average temperature of the earth and drastically affecting the global climate. You’re also well-versed in modern economic theory, and understand how negative externalities in a market can be mitigated by determining the cost to society and then including it in the price of a good or service.  So you don’t need to be lectured on how putting a price on carbon dioxide emissions would use market forces to equitably reduce the threat of climate change and promote sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels.  Good for you.

Sadly, though, there are some out there who don’t get it. According to some surveys, close to half of all Americans don’t get it. So, today I am going to give you two powerful tools to use in your quest to knock some sense into people:

Natty Dreads Aside…

Check out this Colbert interview a few days back:  really interesting guy.

The Colbert Report

Seriously though: let’s put one more notch in the death-of-old school-media’s measuring stick each and every time someone as interesting and engaging as Mitchell Joachim is introduced on the national stage by Stephen Colbert.  Yes, I know he was in Wired Magazine.  Yes, I know Rolling Stone gave him props.  But still: I live less then ten blocks from this man’s office.  He appears to be a genius, and someone who is interested in all the things that I am interested in.  Yet, it takes Colbert to reveal him to me — someone who considers himself pretty clued into the world of Green Design, architecture, etc.  Bah!


Good Lord.  Fine.  The Cohen Brothers just produced a new video knocking on Clean Coal.

Yeah, its sort of funny.  Yes, Clean Coal is a tough sell, and I’ve seen nothing to suggest that it is real science.  But is the Environmental world really so starved for humor that Every Single Green Group In The World has featured this video in some way?  It is all over the blogs, it has arrived in my inbox between 8 and 10 times… come on guys.  I guess it is funny, but certainly not earth shattering in the conceit.

Man, the left is crowing over this thing tho.  I actually feel vaguely browbeaten into mentioning this.   From a Reality Email:

When it comes to making cutting edge films like “Fargo,” “No Country for Old Men,” and “The Big Lebowski,” Joel and Ethan Coen are the real deal.

Now, they’ve got one more title on that impressive list.

“Air Freshener” is directed by the Coen brothers, and we’re proud to say it’s Reality’s latest ad — calling out the coal industry’s ridiculous claims that coal is clean as only the Coen brothers can.

Hyperbole much?

Yeah, that spot really resonates with the genius of the Big Lebowski.  Look, props to those guys putting their name behind something, and cheers on creating something more creative then your average press release.  All things considered, Reality has done a great job with the Anti-clean coal campaign.  Some of the best in the biz, and definitely worthy of a forward… but this just highlights for me how bad the rest of the environmental world has been at this sort of humor.  (PETA excepted)

Main Man Al Gore emailed us again today (or was it yesterday?  It’s all so confusing) to let us know about a new ad from the WE campaign.  Watch the next hot thing here:


Starting to look like every other political ad to me.  Buzzwords are flying fast and furious, and it doesn’t have the freshness to me that the huge light-switch thing did.  Not a BAD ad, exactly, but not one that gets me fired up to give WE any of my loot to help buy air times.

However, instead of our usual nitpicking whine session, this time The American Green institute is going to step up (a little).  We are going to try and throw together an entry for this competition on Vemio.  Sure, we didn’t find out about this thing until three days before the end of the competition.  But, not only will we get something up for that contest, but we will also use this an opportunity to launch a larger discussion point:  What would you like to see in these WE videos?  In the general green washing of political ads?  Are you already getting a little tired of the smokestack V. Windmill breakdown, or is that just us?  If you come up with a good idea, we will make it.

We know that we have spent a lot of time complaining on around these parts, but we also are pretty sure that, with everyone who reads this spot’s help, we can come up with something better then everything we’ve seen.  Or, if not better, at least funnier.

Discussion questions include: What point needs to be made?  What information isn’t out there that needs to be?  Got a funny idea, something that’s new and you haven’t seen before?  All suggestions would be fantastic, and we will have something up in the next few weeks.    Come on, Vaunted Internet!  Come up with something besides spam and flame comments!